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Chloe Frajmund
Chloe Frajmund is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Academic Section Editor for ‘The Observatory.’ Journalism appeals to her the most because she believes that the media, freedom of speech, and relaying the news to the people is one of the most important parts of a democracy. Journalism allows information, opinions, and news to be conveyed to the people so that a society is not in the dark about both the good and the bad that happens within a country. Chloe enjoys taking photographs in order to tell a story because she believes that a picture can speak a thousand words and that photographs are just as important as the articles themselves. She loves the beach and goes to Brazil to visit her family every summer, with a book always by her side. Her favorite sport is volleyball, her favorite books are ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ and ‘The Book Thief,’ and her favorite movies are ‘Men in Black I’ and ‘Django Unchained.’ In college, Chloe plans to major in political science and minor in marketing or communications; she believes that journalism will give her a strong structure and foundation for her future.

Chloe Frajmund, Staff Reporter

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Chloe Frajmund