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Alexa Asch
Alexa Asch is in her second year of journalism and is a Business Manager and Staff Reporter for The Science Survey, and a Student Life Reporter for The Observatory. Journalistic writing is appealing to Alexa because she enjoys capturing the details of a good story and informing other people about events that they might not otherwise have known about. She likes journalistic photography because photographs are visually intriguing and often portray a different angle of a story that is open to one’s own interpretation. Aside from her academic studies, Alexa plays for the Girls’ Varsity Table Tennis team and the Girls’ Varsity Softball team. In addition, she plays for a travel softball team outside of school and volunteers as an assistant softball coach for younger girls. She enjoys traveling all over the world. In the future, she sees herself using the skills that she learned in journalism and being very successful in either business or medicine.

Alexa Asch, Business Manager & Staff Reporter

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Alexa Asch