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Puspita Dasroy
Puspita Dasroy is the Graphic Designer for ‘The Observatory.’ She enjoys creating spreads for sport teams and events that happen every so often in school. She plays on the soccer team, researches with her mentors at NYU, enjoys watching horror films with her friends, and reads ‘Odd Girl Out’ on webtoons about three to four times a week. Occasionally, Puspita likes to participate as a judge in the NYC Urban Debate League. Puspita is also a part of the Hackathon Committee and she loves to win coding, graphic design contests, and showcasing her art in museums.  As for a long term goal, the cosmopolitan hopes to visit every Asian country in the world. For college, she hopes to pursue her career in international business or engineering and keep graphic design as a hobby. She does not have any specific job in mind as of this moment, but she will be fine with almost anything as long as she is happy.

Puspita Dasroy, Staff Reporter

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