The Science Survey

Isaac Rjavinski
Isaac Rjavinski is the Assistant Director of Technology for ‘The Observatory’ and ‘The Science Survey.’ Isaac taught himself programming in the seventh grade, at age twelve. He greatly enjoys the challenge and quotidien problem solving of information technology at ‘The Observatory’ and is always eager to ensure that the many systems are running optimally. Apart from doing individual computer science projects in his spare time, he is also a distinguished debater and an avid gymnast, and loves to see the world. Isaac’s college prospects are to pursue a major in Computer Science and to minor in Psychology and Philosophy. His work at ‘The Observatory’ has inspired him to pursue a career in Systems Architecture and Information Technology later in life and he styles himself as a leader of Cybersecurity and System Architecture at a large firm, or as the founder of his own Cybersecurity consulting company.

Isaac Rjavinski, Staff Reporter

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