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Eytan Stanton
Eytan Stanton is a Copy-Chief for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Athletics Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ His passion for journalistic writing began during middle school when he began a food blog. While reviewing restaurants in New York City, he grew fond of sharing stories and recommendations to a wide audience. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In a field that often has a word limit, those “thousands words” can make all the difference. Thus, photography largely influences his journalistic endeavors. Outside of school, Eytan is a writer for Edible Bronx magazine. This nation wide magazine conglomerate covers food, arts and culture in over ninety regions, including his home, the Bronx. He hopes to continue working as a writer for Edible Communities during college. Eytan is also an artist. He enjoys illustration, graphic design, printmaking and graffiti. In college, he wants to study the visual arts, sustainability and business.

eytan stanton, Staff Reporter

Dec 24, 2018
Dr. Tramantano: English Teacher and Painter (Story)
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