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Audrey Hill
Audrey Hill is a Staff Reporter for the ‘Science Survey,’ and a Groups Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She has always loved writing and storytelling, and she believes that journalism is a good way to channel that love into something that benefits people. She thinks that the freedom of a country depends on the freedom of its press, and that journalism is not just essential when telling people’s stories, but in she believes that photography is just another way to tell people’s stories, and that often pictures convey far more than words. She enjoys debating on the Lincoln Douglas Debate team for Bronx Science, doodling in her notebook, and exploring the city. She is a founding member of a gun reform advocacy group named New York City Says Enough, and has been doing a lot of voter registration and canvassing recently. Audrey travels to Monteverde, Costa Rica frequently to visit friends and neighbors, whom she first knew when she lived there in fourth grade. She is an avid reader, and although unable to choose a favorite book, is currently loving ‘The Things They Carried’ by Tim O’Brien. Audrey hopes to major in political science, journalism, or international relations in college, but is also really interested in philosophy and psychology.

Audrey Hill, Staff Reporter

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