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Alysa Chen
Alysa Chen is the A1 News Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Groups Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She enjoys journalistic writing and photography, because she believes that true communication and the raising of awareness of issues can foster more opinions and potentially guide a movement, whether it is a student-run activity or the introduction of a new perspective of viewing current issues. Aside from keeping a journal and enjoying peer revision and editing, Alysa strongly advocates for environmental sustainability and for love of education. During her free time, you may find her at a library borrowing a stack of books on literature and biographies that she will not have time to read until she gets a break off from school. Her favorite movie is ‘Forrest Gump’ and her favorite book is ‘The Kite Runner,’ and she is greatly influenced by Henry David Thoreau, an essayist and philosopher. She plans on eventually going to law school to pursue public policy; therefore, it is without a doubt that she will draw on her writing experience as a journalist reporter and editor in the near future.

Alysa Chen, A1 Editor

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