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Alexis Pan
Alexis Pan is a Chief Photographer and Photography Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and ‘The Observatory.’ Alexis’ mother inspired Alexis to begin pursuing art as an interest from a very young age, and Alexis moved into the realm of photography upon receiving a camera for Alexis’ twelfth  birthday. Alexis began to experiment with different genres of photography, including portraiture, experimental, and street photography, in order  to document the quirks of human nature and the surrealness of the man-made and natural worlds. In Alexis’  photography, Alexis draws much inspiration from Alexis’ favorite photographer, Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Alexis enjoys playing the drums, bass guitar, piano, creating experimental films, traditional art, and writing poetry outside of school. Alexis plans to study graphic design and/or photography as a major, and hopes to be able to also study music performance or marine biology.

Alexis Pan, Photography Editor & Chief Photographer

Apr 25, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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May 03, 2018
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