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Akaneh Wang
Akaneh Wang is a Graphic Designer for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. She has loved to draw and design ever since she was given her first set of crayons. As a child, she always carried a notebook and a pencil with her. In middle school, she spent three years taking a graphic arts class, and loved every second of it. As a part of yearbook, Akaneh enjoys sketching out and putting together spreads, as well as talking to her friends and giving each other advice. Outside of school, Akaneh attends Japanese Weekend School, volunteers around the city with Key Club, and loves to go to parks. Akaneh plans to study biomedicine or pre-med in college. Her dream is to be able to help people through doing something she loves to do.

Akaneh Wang, Staff Reporter

Jun 11, 2019
From Orthopedic Corsets to Torzalas (Media)
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