Students Showcase Their Holiday Spirit


Afsana Hussain

This lit-up Christmas tree on a locker on the second floor featured all of the Principals, past and present, from Bronx Science.


This winter, Bronx Science held its first-ever locker decorating contest. It was organized by the Student Organization (S.O.) as a part of the annual Winter Wonderland celebration. Students signed up online to be entered in the contest and began decorating from December 12th, 2016 onwards. The theme was winter and the holiday season.

“I think that this was a great way to get Bronx Science in a festive mood and showcase the less STEM-based part of our school. It was nice seeing the decorative lockers, especially the ones where students went all out,” said Zaid Sarmad ’18.

The winners of the contest were announced during the Winter Wonderland party in the cafeteria during lunch periods on December 23rd, 2016. First place went to Kaitlyn Romanger ’20, and second place went to Starr Lam ’20.

The prizes included holiday baskets with gift certificates to the local food trucks.

“When I first came to Bronx Science, the hallways looked a little dull, so I thought that I could decorate my locker to help,” said Romanger.

The contest was judged by S.O members Nicole Neil ’18 and Umayma Hasan ’19.

“I think that this was a great way to get Bronx Science in a festive mood.”

“We judged the lockers based on the creativity and the effort that was put into the decoration. For instance, Kaitlyn Romanger had a stocking on her locker which was filled with candy for the students to take. Generosity is what the holiday season is truly about so we gave her high marks for that original idea,” said Neil.

Given its popularity, this contest is definitely something the S.O. hopes to do again next year.

Afsana Hussain

Here is freshman Kaitlyn Romanger’s second floor locker, decorated with Christmas lights and a stocking.