Portraits of the Seasons: Fall and Winter

The Colors of Central Park
After the annual Breast Cancer Walk, walkers enjoy the sunshine of the afternoon.

Central Park at Noon


Van Courtlandt Shines
A gunshot fires. Approximately one hundred runners stampede through the grass on a typical Saturday in Van Courltandt Park.


Van Courtlandt’s True Colors


Changing Colors on Columbia's Campus
A couple enjoys the chilly autumn weather in Morningside Heights.


Morningside Heights


Outdoor Seating Unavailable
After a blizzard struck over the weekend, the school’s courtyard and benches are left icy and wet.


Caution: Snow


Birdie It's Cold Outside
A bird seeks warmth in the school’s courtyard.




Looking for Sunnier Days
As the weather gets colder, the birds gather together in search of warmer places.


Heading South

New England Gloom
Boston always seems to have an endless number of rainy weather days.



5PM at Harris
As winter hits, the sunsets at Harris Field set earlier and more vibrantly.




Camelback Ski Lift
What’s winter without a ski trip?



Chai Tea
The aroma of Chai tea never fails to bring good memories.



Classic Hot Chocolate
Sipping hot chocolate when it’s below freezing outside. That’s what hits the spot.