Return of Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg, an outdoor food fair, is returning with new vendors after a long winter.


Melissa Cen

An Egg waffle served with ice cream from Wowfulls.

Returning to Brooklyn, Smorgasburg, an outdoor food fair that features over one hundred vendors from all over the world, is now offering over a dozen new vendors. The fair is located at the waterside of the East River where you can enjoy the food with a view of the Manhattan skyline. The event offers foods from various cultures, such as Filipino, Japanese, and Canadian.

One of the vendors from last season’s Smorgasburg, Big Mozz, is back with a partner. This season, they are collaborating with DÓ, a shop dedicated to edible cookie dough, to bring customers fried cookie dough balls. They offer three flavors for these sweet bites—chocolate chip, cake batter, and brownie batter. Big Mozz is serving their Vendy Award winning Mozz Sticks — famous for their thick bread coat and picture-worthy cheese pull.

Another new vendor at the fair is Lobsterdamus, bringing live wild caught Maine lobsters. They use a Mesquite grill to cook whole lobsters and serve them over noodles. Aside from the popular Maine dish, they also serve Lobster Nachos, Lobster Truffle Fries, Garlic Noodz, and Lobster Balls. Though the lines for this vendor are always long, the lobster is worth the wait.

With a dessert originating all the way from Japan, Bonsai Kakigori makes a Japanese delicacy with a New York twist. Kakigori is a traditional Japanese dessert made from shaving a block of ice with a special machine. Unlike the typical shaved ice treat you find in New York streets, this Japanese dessert has a unique fluffy texture and special flavors, such as Coconut Lime Crunch, Mango and Ginger, and Mandarin and Clove, that leave you wanting more.

“Smorgasburg is a place of diversity where you can get a taste of various cultures and enjoy the scenery with friends and family,” said Fion Wong ’19.

Bringing the best of Canada to New York City, Btarts is introducing a new dessert. Btarts are butter tarts that have a buttery sweetness in addition the flaky crust. As well as giving Canadians a nostalgic feel, this treat gives others a perfect taste of Canada.

Debuting with fresh hand-rolled butter brioche sticky buns, King Street Kitchen is serving their trending Big Buns. Their Big Buns are famous for — as is stated in the name — being big and being drenched in toppings. The load of glaze and icing keeps the pastry moist and delicious. Current flavors include Classic Glaze, Cream Cheese Icing, Cardamom Pecan, and new special flavors are added each week.

Other popular vendors that have returned to the fair include Ube Kitchen presenting vibrant Filipino desserts, Wowfulls serving eye catching Hong Kong egg waffles with ice cream, Bona Bona serving inventive flavors of ice cream with a cloud of toasted marshmallow on top, Ramen Shack serving their viral ramen burgers, and Pop Pasta serving their attention grabbing spaghetti donuts.

“Smorgasburg is a place of diversity where you can get a taste of various cultures and enjoy the scenery with friends and family,” said Fion Wong ’19.

The next time you are looking for a fun foodie adventure, be sure to check out Smorgasburg where you can enjoy food from all around the world all in one place and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Melissa Cen
Fried cookie dough balls from the collaboration of Big Mozz and DÓ.


Melissa Cen
Cake batter flavored fried cookie dough balls.