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Fire in a Crowded Theatre

Isaac Rjavinski '20 is strongly against the Trumpian narrative of emergency.

Milène Klein, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2019

Out of all the platforms presidential candidate Donald Trump ran on during his campaign, the wall along the border with Mexico was arguably the one his supporters were most passionate about. It was a distillation of their wildest dreams: the perfect blend of xenophobic rhetoric and the serious immigr...

Automated Service Industry

Supporting the advancement of artificial intelligence, Areebah Qutub ’21 said, “I think it's really important for the advancement of society in general.”

Jason Cheung, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2019

It is inevitable. Artificial intelligence and automotive technology is advancing at an exponential rate. These robots not only threaten blue-collar and manufacturing jobs, but also repetitive service jobs and entry level white collar ones. Young people will be disproportionately affected by these changes as al...

AOC, Amazon, And My Final Words to the Bronx Science Community

Pietro Topa '19, Editorial columnists, presents his final Opinion piece of his high school career.

Pietro Topa, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2019

On February 14th, 2019, Amazon announced that it would not be building its much hyped HQ 2 in New York City. This was after months of campaigning by prominent Democratic representatives aimed at getting Amazon to leave New York City in search of a new home. These campaigns' argument as to why Amazon's hea...

New York City’s Schools: Still Separate and Unequal

Ula Pranevicius ‘20 is a powerful force in the student-led fight for integration within the NYC public school system.

Cameron Leo, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2019

Sixty-five years ago on May 17th, the Supreme Court reached a verdict on one of the most monumental judicial cases in American history. At the dawn of the civil rights movement, Brown vs. Board of Education set a legal precedent for racial integration in education. Sixty-five years later, separation and ine...

A Change to an Annualized Grading System

There is a mental aspect of grades that should not be overlooked as stated by Ryan Yam ’19.

Michael Ho, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2019

As many of you have noticed, Bronx Science has an annualized grading system this year instead of a semester-based one like in previous years, a change that was mandated by the NYC Department of Education for all NYC public schools, bringing uniformity in grading citywide.  This discussion over the gr...

‘Game of Thrones’: The Fuss Over the Finale

Geetika Sewani, '20, feels the 'Game of Throne''s season's merits outweigh its faults.

Sazida Marzia, Staff Reporter

June 30, 2019

'Game of Thrones' is a well-regarded show with millions of avid fans. Fans do not hesitate to name it as the greatest show ever, with its fantastic dialogue as well as plot. However, with recent events, the show has faced a lot of backlash due to shoddy writing and several plot holes. Fans claim the show...

The Survey Strip

The Survey Strip

Ria Cha, Guest Cartoonist

June 14, 2019

Pro : Green New Deal

Bronx Science students protest on the steps of City Hall on March 15th, 2019 for the global youth climate strike.

Alysa Chen, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

On November 13th, 2018, hundreds of young people from Sunrise Movement, a new youth-led grassroots movement for climate action, occupied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to demand that the Democratic Party refuse fossil fuel lobbying, introduce climate policy through the Green New Deal, and establish...

Con: Everything Wrong With AOC’s Green New Deal In 900 Words

Jonathan Nicastro ’19 has major qualms 
with the Green New Deal.

Pietro Topa, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

On the seventh of February, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) introduced a bill to Congress titled: “Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.” This bill, which is now sitting with the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment, details a number of goals for the...

Tony’s or Jerome’s?

Chef Ali Gamil stands in front of Jerome’s halal cart, which has been at the corner of Bedford Park Boulevard West and Jerome Avenue for the past eight years.

Eytan Stanton, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

This is the question that Bronx Science students have been debating for years. In this article, I will consider factors such as distance, variety, interaction quality, sauce options, and pricing in an attempt to determine whether Sam’s or Tony’s halal truck reigns supreme. Tony’s Halal Truck is lo...

Do We Need NATO?

Fierce debate over NATO has led to uncertainty of the alliance’s future.

Sydney Teh, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

President Trump has recently come under fire for condemning one of the U.S.’ longest standing alliances: NATO. In one of his most circulated tweets, he argues that other member states in the organization are not pulling their weight. With the country’s eyes on him, his words have consistently been...

Time To Shorten the Campaign Season

Tanjimul Ambia '19 believes that politicians are more effective when they campaign less.

William Fisher, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

The date was July 28th, 2017. In a Washington Post opinion piece, United States Representative John Delaney (D-MD) had just announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. While few major presidential candidates began their campaigns as early as Delaney had, this trend of premature declarations...

Freeing the Student Press

“Schools should prepare students for entering a world where one can leverage their vote and voice to fight for their beliefs,” said Alysa Chen, Editor-in-Chief of 'The Science Survey.'

Taylor Chapman, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

Do we age into our First Amendment rights? Some school administrations nationwide certainly seem to think so, particularly when it comes to student journalism. On September 10th, 2018, students at Burlington High School published their first breaking story to their online paper, The Register: “Director...

Prevalence of Privilege

Melody Moulton ’20, the president of the Black Organization for Student Strength, is always actively speaking on racial issues within the school and within our community.

Eshika Talukder, Staff Reporter

June 11, 2019

The complicated concept of privilege and the not-so-subtle advantages it gives people is a reality that many find hard to grasp. Its prevalence is seen in our workplaces, neighborhoods, and school communities, and Bronx Science is no exception. From the ability to prepare for the Specialized High School...

Manhattanville Campus as the New West Harlem? Not Really

The eastern facade of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center. It is one of the new additions to Columbia University's Manhattanville campus.

Lucian Dobroszycki, Staff Reporter

June 9, 2019

New York City’s landscape is changing, and it’s not just Hudson Yards. In West Harlem, the new buildings of Columbia’s University’s Manhattanville campus stand in stark contrast to the backdrop of low-rise apartments and public housing units that populate the rest of the neighborhood. Columbia, ...

The Power of Linguistics: How Word Choice Affects Stigma

Zainab Mansoor ’20 states why she believes using certain words should not be used in everyday language.

Lauren Handler, Staff Reporter

June 9, 2019

In 2017, Yale University changed words describing the student body in favor of more gender neutral terms: “freshmen” to “first year” and “upperclassmen” to “upper-level students,” respectively. This was primarily for official purposes, not to impose on the student body. Even earlier,...

A Call to Impeach

Sophia Korono ’20, a supporter of impeachment, believes that President Donald Trump is a bad influence on world politics.

Jing Mae Wang, Staff Reporter

June 1, 2019

With the Mueller Report having been released on April 18th, we now know that President Donald Trump has lied and deceived his way to the Presidency, encouraging Russian interference. As Representative Tom Coleman put it, in his essay for the Kansas City Star, “The Trump campaign encouraged a foreign a...

The Golden Age of Youtube is Over?

Athena Ding '19 shares her thoughts on the effects of YouTube demonetization in this changing YouTube age.

Abigail Yoo, Staff Reporter

June 1, 2019

Lights. Camera. Action. From Day 1, Youtube was a stage for creators who didn’t necessarily fit into Hollywood’s limitations. This platform, built on creator culture, thrived on its originality, on the base that it allowed people to create content about doing what they love. Topics not discussed...

Handling Chronic Illnesses in the New York City Public School System

The inside of the emergency room is a common sight for students with chronic illnesses.

Sarane James, Staff Reporter

May 9, 2019

For many students, chronic illnesses are a fact of life. Schoolwork can become not only a matter of completing assignments, but also an issue of managing pain while doing so. This can add a layer of stress to an already taxing school day. However, what is a chronic illness? The Center for Disease Control ...

Bronx Science Sustainability: What We Can Do

Assistant Principal Mr. Kalin (left) and Archit Kothari ’19 (right) discuss the solar energy benefits of the 146 solar panels on Bronx Science’s roof.

Eytan Stanton, Staff Reporter

March 25, 2019

In 2005, the New York Power Authority financed the installation of 146 solar panels on the roof of Bronx Science. For the past fourteen years, these photovoltaic cells have converted sunlight into an electric current. The new inverter, installed during the 2016-2018 renovation of the roof, displays real...

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