The Science Survey

A group of seniors expresses their pride and happiness by wearing their customized Senior T-Shirts!

Taking a Look at Senior Activities

June 18, 2020

Senior year is the final year that students must complete during their high school journey before star...

The Bronx Science community comes together to watch a festive performance!

Celebrating Our Diversity

May 23, 2020

Back in January 2020, the Student Organization worked hard to put together Bronx Science’s very first...

A member of the co-ed robotics team, the Sciborgs, is hard at work!

Bronx Science’s Engineering Opportunities

May 22, 2020

Among the many opportunities that Bronx Science has to offer, engineering is a major course that students...

A student on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team runs to steal the ball.

A Photographic Celebration of our Sports Teams

May 9, 2020

When the days come to an end, Bronx Science students have always been enthusiastic about participatin...

 Students in Concert Band practice playing the trumpet.

The Arts at Bronx Science

May 4, 2020

Bronx Science is known for their many STEM oriented classes they have to offer. However, students are...

The amazing team behind Wolverine TV!

Bronx Science’s Student Organization

May 2, 2020

Bronx Science’s Student Organization is a diverse and creative team that consistently works hard to...

A student pours batter into a cupcake tray during an Edible Arts club meeting.

Our Diversity of Clubs

April 25, 2020

In the after-school hours of Bronx Science, students find themselves in various parts of the buildin...

Julie Lin ’21, during a Girls’ Cross Country meet at Van Cortlandt Park after school. Because she participates in a PSAL sport, she is allowed to opt out of Physical Education.

Opting Out: Athlete vs. PSAL Athlete?

December 17, 2019

Your arms ache from practicing layups in gym as you stand on the crowded subway on your way to sports...

As a Korean-American, Hyun (Russi) Byun ’20 understands South Korea’s stance amidst tensions. However, she also worries that some actions may worsen tensions instead of resolving them.

The Rising Sun Must Set

December 17, 2019

A red circle for the sun and red rays over a white background represent the flag known as the Rising...

Joyce Ho ’20, has strong opinions on the protests going on in Hong Kong.  She notes, “This is a huge step for Hong Kong. The younger generation is really taking a stand and showing the Hong Kong government that they cannot be oppressed by the Chinese government and its tyrannical ways. This protest has brought everyone in Hong Kong together with a common interest.

Hong Kong Protests For Democracy

December 17, 2019

Police violence, tear gas, and rubber bullets fill the streets of Hong Kong as a bill threatens its freedom....

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