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Maeve Hogan '19 received a summa cum laude award for her performance on the National Latin Exam this year.

Bronx Science Sweeps the National Latin Exam with 97 Winners!

September 3, 2018

For Bronx Science students, it is typical to excel at everything. So, having 97 National Latin Exam (...

June 2018 Crossword

June 2018 Crossword

June 25, 2018

Down: 1.The smallest country by land area, home of the pope 2. City in California where the Di...

Victoria Yu ‘18, Alexandria Ang ‘18, and Kristina Ang ‘18 pie themselves in video to raise money for LLS.

If It’s Not Online, Did It Even Really Happen?

May 9, 2018

As teenagers, social media is not a foreign concept to us. From Instagram, to Snapchat, to Facebook,...

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