Macy’s Flower Show


Jenna Ye

Many interesting pieces such as this solar system mobile are created with various mediums and placed throughout the store to further emphasize the out-of-the-world experience that the 73rd annual show is trying to showcase.

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Ever since the brisk winds of November, many have anticipated the arrival of spring on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019. Although the weather will always fluctuate, many in NYC were excited for the season of new birth. In demonstration of the coming spring, many businesses around NYC have decided to hold special programs and events, including Macy’s department store.

Macy’s hosts a fantastic flower show centered around an annual theme for the celebration of Spring. This year’s showing was held in three locations in the United States: Macy’s State Street in Chicago, Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco, and Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City. After a trip to the Herald Square 34th Street location in midtown Manhattan, I can guarantee that it is worth the trip. This year’s theme, Journey to Parasidios: The Mystery of the Cosmos, was a sight to behold. There were hundreds of artistic floral interpretations carefully arranged and assembled, spanning across the entire first floor, which greeted thousands of New Yorkers and tourists alike with flowery amazement as they first stepped into the store.

Jenna Ye
In light of this year’s out-of-the-world theme, the department store has welcomed various acts, such as this astronaut, to indulge the audience for an even more animated atmosphere.

This years ‘Journey to Parasidios’ exhibit was divided into eight subsections: The Paradigms, Starflower 1 liftoff, Spider Crawler, Alien Trees, Parasidios Fashion Pods, FlowerBot, Satellite Area 140 and Satellite Area 170. Each subsection places a unique spin on the galaxy theme by incorporating thousands of different types of plant life with various other elements, such as paint, metal wiring, styrofoam, and lighting fixtures. In particular, the Starflower 1 Liftoff presented a giant rocket like structure surrounded by flowers, ricocheting into the painted galaxy ceiling. Allison Yi ’19 praised the use of different mediums in the rocket. “This rocket piece was really cool. I really like how they used vibrant yellow, red, and white to make the fire of the rocket ship,” she said. “I also really liked how abstract it was, along with the variety of flowers used,” she added.

The exhibit offered various interactive art pieces for the visitors. The Starflower 1 Liftoff was accompanied by an astronaut hired by the store to interact with visitors in various activities, such as taking memorable photos. Aside from this, the exhibit also showcased a small, elevated runway-style platform backed by an electric screen with model figurines for visitors to pose with, a giant venus flytrap, and along with many other pieces. “The makeshift venus flytrap was very realistic and cool, because you were able to actually stand inside to take pictures,” Yi said.


Jenna Ye
Many visitors enjoy interactive pieces in the flower show, such as the visitors pictured taking pictures together in the giant venus flytrap.

Various Bronx Science students visited the exhibit and returned with many praises. Nancy Chen ‘ 19 had many compliments for the Spider Crawler piece. “It looks really cool. The structure and design kind of reminds me of the movie ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ she said.

Jenna Ye
The Paradigms are an essential portion of this year’s outer space theme, with hundreds scattered throughout the exhibit and clustered on some places as well, such as the spider crawler seen above.

Although the exhibition passed, worry not! Macy’s has created a 360° online video tour that will remain on their webpage as a reminder of the fabulous turnout of the 73rd annual flower show for all those who missed the exhibit.

So, what are you waiting for?