A Harmonious End to the Year


Susan Huang

Cellists from the Orchestra play together in harmony.

As the conductor begins to sway his arms, the sounds of the orchestra, band, and chorus come to life. After months of practice and preparations, the musicians of Bronx Science starred in one of the most popular performances in the school: the Winter Concert.

The annual Winter Concert happened on December 12 and 13, 2017, as friends, family and teachers came to show support for the performers. “Ever since I saw the rehearsal for the Winter Concert in SGI last year, I have always wanted to see the whole show. This year, I got the opportunity and it did not disappoint. I will definitely be back for the spring concert,” said Margaret Wong ’19.

“Music provides me an outlet to express my emotions.”

Many find performing in the winter concert a very enjoyable and unique experience that sets it apart from other events in Bronx Science. From sight reading to improving rhythm, students from concert band, orchestra, and jazz band have been practicing for months to perfect the skills they will be showcasing in their performance. Under the leadership of Mr. Paul DeSilva, Orchestra and Chorus director, and Mr. Juan Mantilla, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band, and Concert Band director, the students were brought to a high level of performance.

Besides being able to improve their skills for the instrument they play, one of the many reasons to perform in the Winter Concert is to bond with their friends that share the same musical passions as them. Olivia Yip ’18 describes playing for the Winter Concert as a “sense of belonging when everyone plays together.” The audience definitely feels the sense of community among the performers, watching as each song is played fluidly and confidently.

Other responses of reasons people chose to perform in the Winter Concert was the thrill of performing and the excuse to wear formal clothes. However, the ultimate reason is that they all share the same affection for music and performing arts. “Music provides me an outlet to express my emotions, and to do something that is relaxing to take my mind off my academics,” said Nathaniel Chin ’19.

Every instrument plays a different role in making the performance come to life. Ranging from percussion to string, each instrument produces a different sound, tone, and melody that bring the compositions together.

For the performers, the most popular piece is definitely the instrumental soundtrack from ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. “It has a wide range of themes, and the French Horns have a really nice part in the song,” said Timothy Zhao ’19.

Another favorite enjoyed by many students was Mueva Los Huesos, a Latin ensemble. “It has a fast and groovy Latin tune, which means percussion plays a really big part in keeping everyone together and making the music flow,” said Akihito Gorai ’19.

Besides the melodies from the instruments, the chorus is always a fundamental part of the show. After months of vocal exercises and practice, the chorus gave a powerful performance. They began with a holiday classic, Carol of the Bells, and ended with an a capella version of the song ‘Hallelujah’ by Pentatonix.

The Winter Concert was undoubtedly a success. “I did not realize how much musical talent Bronx Science students have as I’ve always seen our school as solely based on academics. I am definitely going again next year to see what the Music Department has in store for the next concert,” said Joselyn Kim ’19.